European Women in Tech, Amsterdam, Netherlands

conference and exhibition

08-09 June,2022

RAI Amsterdam


diss co event - European Women in Tech, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are witnessing the birth of a whole new paradigm, with a tidal wave of technology innovation and we want our community to be at the forefront of this change.

Connect with tech leaders, diversity advocates and change makers as we dive into the New Frontier. Experience Inspirational keynotes, unrivalled networking opportunities and gain access to the insight you need to be more effective in your role, your team and to drive change within your organisation.

As we move from resilience to the building blocks of the future, we’ll explore the most essential technologies in today’s quickly changing world and the new revolutionary concepts in business and workforce that are radically changing our future.

Solve problems, create new opportunities and be a part of Europe’s next tech movement.

Women in Technology highlights

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CTA post - European Women in Tech, Amsterdam, Netherlands