Investigation Support

Companies suffer loss – whether short or long-term, financial, or reputational – due to the misconduct of employees or business partners.

Our Services

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We support you in preventing damage to your company by independently, discreetly, and efficiently clarifying the facts. In doing so, you always maintain an overview and are able to control the clarification process through regular exchange.

Our team of experts has more than 20 years of experience in this field. They are happy to advise you on the initial assessment of facts as well as the development of an investigation strategy.

Our Tools & Methods

We have various tools and methods for solving cases of any size. Whether a small amount was stolen from the petty cash or assets amounting to $ 1 billion need to be traced, we have the right solution for your problem!

Learning from the past

No system is perfect. In most cases, internal investigations reveal weaknesses and gaps in processes and internal control systems. We identify these weaknesses and develop an action plan to improve your processes and internal control system.

DOs and DON'Ts

Internal investigations are challenging. Mistakes are often made at the outset which become difficult or impossible to rectify later on.

  • Negligent evidence handling

  • Releasing the affected persons too early

  • Indiscrete handling of the facts

  • The interviewing of those affected by untrained personnel

  • The open involvement of the HR department

  • The legally inadmissible safeguarding/securing of information/data/documents
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