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A woman is holding her tablet while using DISS-CO's complaint management software.

Increase Satisfaction Through Higher Efficiency


Supply Chain

For your global suppliers to submit complaints to your company about environmental and human rights violations.

Hospitals & Care Facilities

Give your patients and their relatives the opportunity to make a complaint to you safely.

Quality Assurance

Request product complaints via the secure form and process them in an audit-proof manner.

Authorities and municipalities

Give citizens the opportunity to send and communicate complaints through an easy to use online form and communication platform.

Sports & Entertainment

Provide fans and visitors with an anonymous simple reporting point.

Educational Institutions

Effectively combat bullying and discrimination in pre-schools, schools and universities.




Complaint Management Software





AI-based Reporting

Risk Management &
GRC Cockpit

Advanced Case &
Task Management

with Blockchain

AD & Office365

Live Chat

Easy Collaboration
Internally & Externally

High Security &
Asymmetric Encryption



Complaint Management Software

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Higher user satisfaction

Secure anonymous and confidential communication

Integrated workflows

Encrypted live chat (optional)

Interfaces to Active Directory and Office 365

Task and risk management

Management dashboard and reporting

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romv - Complaint Management
Customizing questions 1 - Complaint Management
romv - Complaint Management

Highly Customisable

White label Software as a Service with your individual URL, logo and your intro text, brand font and colors

No-code customising of the questionnaire and dashboard

Individual design of views and functions

Adaption of the routing options to your individual authorisation concept

Server location of your choice


Data Security and Protection

ISO 27001 certified SaaS and Information Security Management System

Secure hosting in the EU on an ISO 27001 certified data center

Automatic removal of metadata of attached files by our whistleblowing software

Deletion workflows with dual control principle

Asymmetric encryption and blockchain-based security

2. GDPR compliance - Complaint Management
romv - Complaint Management

Compliant with Legal Regulations

Our SaaS and services will allow you to focus on your business and reduce any risks linked to non-compliance with laws and regulations.

With our platform you are compliant with:

the Supply Chains Act

the Patients Rights Act

the Securities Trading Act

the GDPR

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Dashboard View whistleblowing, dataprotection and complaintmanagement software by DISS-CO

Set up in minutes, Quick and Easy.

You do not need IT resources to implement our web-based software. Simply contact us, test it and get started.


We offer the Best Pricing Solution

Add any feature, language or licence at any time. You only pay a fee for each Complaint Manager licence (Admin or Analyst). The payment term is yearly in advance. Special discounts for non-profit and charity organisations!

Silver Edition

€50 month
  • ISO 27001 certified SaaS and ISMS of DISS-CO
  • No-code customizing of the landing page
  • GDPR and Supply Chain Act compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified secure hosting in the EU
  • Confidential and anonymous reporting
  • Management dashboard and statistics
  • Metadata removal of file attachments
  • Basic case and risk management
  • 2 languages included
  • 50+ languages available
  • eLearning (add-on)
  • Templates (add-on)

Gold Edition

€100 month
  • All Silver Edition features
  • Advanced customising options
  • Task management & kanban board
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • AI based translation API
  • Live chat without history log
  • Active Directory Interface & SSO
  • Whisper (add-on)
  • 6 languages included
  • 50+ languages available
  • eLearning (add-on)
  • Templates (add-on)

Platinum Plan

On Demand
  • For international corporations
  • Highly customisable
  • Individual design for subsidiaries
  • Individual authorization for subsidiaries
  • Individual dashboards
  • Individual dashboards
  • Routing options
  • Deletion routines
  • Multi-client view
  • Unlimited languages
  • Advanced authorization concept
  • Integrations and interfaces
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About our Complaint Management Software

What is the Smart Integrity Platform for?

Depending on the use case for which you use the platform, you can confidentially or anonymously report violations or quality or product compliance issues. Violations of relevant laws, e.g. in the areas of human rights, occupational safety or the environment, can be reported and processed accordingly.

Who will process my report?

The company appoints analysts, who are employees or independent externals to receive and process your report. Our platform will send automatic notifications and help to meet the deadlines.

Can I customize the pages with the Corporate Identity Designs?

You can upload your logo, change the colours and the font as well as the intro text. In addition, you can also customise the questionnaire and the platform will translate the questions automatically. Risk management and automatic notifications can also be customised.

Is the anonymous option mandatory?

No, you can switch off the anonymous reporting option or add it at a later stage.

How is the anonymity of the user protected?

The platform enables anonymous reporting. However, this option is not compulsory and can be switched on at a later date. Furthermore, the metadata of the file attachments are removed. The user creates an account for further anonymous communication with the caseworker. Blackening of file attachments must be done in advance.

What user information is stored?

DISS-CO does not track the user and does not store IP addresses. Other case-related data is encrypted. The communication is also end-to-end encrypted.

Is the platform GDPR compliant?

Yes, the Smart Integrity Platform is GDPR compliant. Deletion routines are provided for unused user accounts. The messages can be deleted by the responsible persons in accordance with national laws and under the principle of dual control. The deletion logs are created automatically and cannot be changed.

What is blockchain technology used for?

Blockchain technology is used to create unmanipulable data chains. This means that no report-related information can be destroyed or manipulated. Within the blockchain, participating channel partners can share risk assessment information anonymously. For example, if forced labour has been identified in China, the community can anonymously share the risk and the actions taken, such as relocating the business.