Whistleblowing System Implementation

The best way to implement a new whistleblowing system is to rely on professional support. It saves costs and time.

It starts with the people

Setting up software is quite easy. What is difficult, however, is to strengthen trust in the whistleblowing system. It is not only important to follow up on reports consistently and discreetly; it is also essential to have clear guidelines for employees on how to deal with suspicions of wrongdoing.

The whistleblowing management is an essential part of the compliance management system.

We develop individual concepts for the integration of the whistleblowing system according to your requirements after having workshops with you and other relevant stakeholders.

Whistleblowing System Implementation
Whistleblowing System Integration

Protect your business and reduce liability risks

Why not just provide software? The answer is obvious. On the one hand, effective implementation reduces the costs associated with processing false reports or reports that are not compliance violations.

On the other hand, you reduce management liability risks by having applied the internationally recognised standards for correct implementation.

Consequently, you protect your company and your employees from reputational and financial damage.

Together with reputable law firms, we have developed templates that ensure rapid implementation.

What you need to prepare?

Policies & Procedures
We have prepared a set of policies for you.
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A Central Platform
Smart Integrity Platform. Secure. Easy. Quick to set up.
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Tone from the Top
Integrate video messages to your learnings.
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We deliver an individual elearning with use cases related to your business.
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What to do when reports are received?

Compliance Office
Outsource your internal reporting office if you lack internal ressources for case handling and management.
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Risk Assessment
The initial risk assessment is necessary to create an investigation plan. We support you in this process.
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Internal Investigation
A quick and discreet investigation by experts is important to avoid consequential damage. We have >20 years experience in this field.
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Corrective Actions
The action plan includes measures for closing the vulnerabilities and control gaps. Let our experts help you.
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Policies & Procedures

Beside the Code of Conduct, the following is necessary to implement a new whistleblowing system:

  • 1. User policy
  • 2. Privacy Policy according to GDPR
  • 3. A whistleblowing policy
  • 4. Record of processing activities according to GDPR
  • 5. Works agreement (if your company has a works council)


Recommended are 

1.A process description (chart)

2.A risk mitigation plan (chart & description)

Whistleblowing System Policies

Does it look like a lot of work?

Don’t worry, we have all the templates at hand and adapt them to your company and your processes in joint workshops. You can integrate your new whistleblowing system into your compliance organisation in just a few days.