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DISS-CO: Pioneering Uniqueness in Risk and Compliance SaaS Solutions

DISS-CO: Elevating the SaaS Landscape with a Unique AI and Blockchain-Driven Approach to Risk and Compliance in the European Union. Our interdisciplinary, multicultural team has together more than 100 years of experience in software development, cyber security, investigation and compliance.

They have traced assets of more than 1bn USD, detected damages of more than 800m USD and investigated more than 300 whistleblowing cases.

Alongside a strong technical team, DISS-CO delivers the best customised and most efficient solutions to companies across a variety of sectors.

Practitioners, lawyers and technicians collaborated to deliver the secure, powerful and easy-to-use Smart Integrity Platform.

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About DISS-CO Founder Sarah Afshari
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Excellence Through Innovation


Thank you for visiting our site. I am proud to introduce our new GRC SaaS platform, powered by blockchain and AI technologies.

Our platform is based on decades of experience in forensics and compliance. We have developed all modules and functions with effectiveness for the compliance responsibles in mind.

With our platform you can:
• Meet your compliance requirements
• Reduce your risks
• Improve your business results by saving time and costs

We believe our platform is the perfect solution for SMEs looking to improve and simplify their GRC processes.
To learn more, please contact us today.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah Afshari
Founder & CEO


Meet The Team

At DISS-CO, we pride ourselves on our expansive presence throughout the European Union, with our headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Hamburg, Germany. Our commitment to accessibility and collaboration extends beyond borders, making our team readily available in key locations across the continent. From the historic streets of Italy to the sun-kissed coasts of Spain, the rich cultural tapestry of Portugal, the ancient allure of Greece, and the idyllic landscapes of Cyprus, we ensure that our customers and partners have the opportunity to engage with us face-to-face. This widespread network not only allows us to provide exceptional, localized service but also fosters stronger, more meaningful partnerships. At DISS-CO, we are more than just a provider; we are a community of innovators eager to meet, collaborate, and drive success together with our clients and partners across the European Union.

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Discover the future of Risk and Compliance management with DISS-CO. Our cutting-edge SaaS platform, powered by AI and Blockchain technology, is transforming how businesses navigate complex regulations across the European Union. Don't miss the chance to see our innovative solutions in action. Book your demo today and take the first step towards redefining your compliance strategy with DISS-CO. Experience firsthand how we can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and security. Your journey towards seamless compliance begins here.