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Unleash a 300% ROI: GDPR Compliance on Autopilot with AI Powered Automations and Blockchain Based Security

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Tired of GDPR Compliance Being a Paper Tiger?

Our revolutionary GDPR SaaS platform takes the reins with cutting-edge AI and Blockchain technology, transforming compliance from a burden into a strategic advantage.


The GDPR Software With The Best Value For Money

No setup fees. No hidden fees.
Annual subscription.

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Basic Edition

€250 month
  • ISO 27001 certified SaaS hosted in the EU
  • 256 AES encryption
  • TLS 1.3 end-to-end encryption
  • Corporate branding
  • Document and policy management
  • Customize forms, risk matrix, notifications
  • Incident response with AI
  • Notifications and deadline management
  • Data Subject Request (DSR) management and response
  • AI based risk assessment and mitigation
  • Task Management and kanban board
  • Management dashboard
  • Deletion protocol
  • 2 admin licences included
  • English and local language
  • Additional licence for 125 €/month
  • Additional task manager licence for 20 €/month
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Silver Edition

€500 month
  • All basic edition features
  • Authorization concept
  • Azure and intune interface
  • Asset management and control
  • AI based risk assessment and mitigation
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data Security Risk Assessment
  • Security vulnerability monitoring
  • Automated Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)
  • Automated updating routines
  • Up to 500 records of processing activities
  • 30 minutes admin onboarding included
  • 3 hours technical implementation support included
  • 2 admin licences included
  • 10 languages included
  • Additional admin licence for 250 €/month
  • Additional task manager licence for 20 €/month
Start 30 days free trial

Gold Edition

On Demand
  • All silver edition features
  • Enterprise solution
  • Individual URL for subsidiaries
  • Individual branding for subsidiaries
  • Individual authorization concept
  • Security vulnerability monitoring
  • Unlimited records of processing activities
  • Software supplier onboarding
  • Software risk monitoring
  • Data protection law news monitoring
  • Bing AI news integration
  • 50+ languages included
  • Webinars for admins and analysts
  • Extended technical implementaion support
  • Customized implementaion support
  • Individual rollout support
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Data Protection Software
AI based Data Mapping

Stop wasting time and resources

Efficient data mapping

Our AI-powered data discovery engine hunts down every scrap of personal data across your systems, ensuring comprehensive compliance.

AI-powered incident response

Say goodbye to guesswork! Our AI analyzes your data incident breach, pinpointing potential privacy and security risks and suggests mitigation measures.

Automated data subject requests (DSRs)

Our intuitive interface streamlines DSR handling, automating responses based on Legitimate Interest Analysis (LIA) and eliminating human error.


Embrace a new era of GDPR compliance with

Effortless Processing Activity Management

Our AI automatically creates and maintains records of your processing activities, saving you significant time and ensuring comprehensive compliance.

Risk Management with Eagle Eyes

Identify and neutralize GDPR threats before they strike. Our AI-powered system keeps you a step ahead.

Unbreakable data security

Blockchain technology ensures the immutability and traceability of your data, providing an undeniable audit trail for regulators.

Data Protection Software
DISS-CO GDPR Software Risk Management
Data Protection Software
DISS-CO GDPR Software Processing Activities

Don't be GDPR prey - become a GDPR predator!

Bringing on new software?

Our platform streamlines supplier onboarding and ongoing monitoring, ensuring all your vendors are GDPR compliant.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Data Protection Law News Monitoring

Our platform constantly scans the legal landscape, keeping you informed of the latest GDPR updates and potential compliance challenges.

GDPR software by DISS-CO

Set Up Quick and Easy.

Our GDPR Software with AI and Blockchain is the ultimate weapon in your compliance arsenal. Schedule your free demo today and experience the future of data protection!


About our Data Protection Software

What is the Smart Integrity Platform for?

The Smart Integrity Platform is a modular innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for compliance with different legal requirements and laws such as the GDPR, national Data Protection laws, EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Supply Chain Act. The platform ensures encrypted communication, high security standards and immutability with the Blockchain technology.

Can I customize the pages with the Corporate Identity Designs?

You can upload your logo, change the colours and the font as well as the intro text. In addition, you can also customise the questionnaire and the platform will translate the questions automatically. Risk management and automatic notifications can also be customised.

Is the platform GDPR compliant?

Yes, the Smart Integrity Platform is GDPR compliant. Deletion routines are provided for unused user accounts. The reports can be deleted by the responsible persons in accordance with national laws and under the principle of dual control. The deletion logs are created automatically and cannot be changed. The history logs are immutable and secured in the Blockchain.

What is blockchain technology used for?

Blockchain technology is used to create unmanipulable data chains. This means that no report-related information can be destroyed or manipulated. Within the blockchain, participating channel partners can share risk assessment information anonymously. For example, if forced labour has been identified in China, the community can anonymously share the risk and the actions taken, such as relocating the business.

How does AI help?

AI is used to enhance the efficiency of the modules and features, such as the automatic translation, transcription and risk assessment. Furthermore, generative AI is used to create a proper documentation in a short time which increases the efficiency of onboarding procedures and the risk assessment.

Where can I get an overview of GDPR obligations?

You can check our framework page regarding GDPR or check the EU official page

Are there other laws and frameworks relevant for my company?

Yes, you should check the national data protection laws. Please also check the framework page regarding NIS 2 Directive that also might be relevant for your company. Beside that the GDPR software will help you to achieve the ISO 27001 certification.