Update on whistleblowing

Webinar in Italian

Date: 6 November 2023


Webinar on the Whistleblower Protection Act by DISS-CO





In our webinar, we will provide an overview of the new law for better whistleblower protection as the national implementation of the EU Directive 2019/1937 and the obligation due to the national implementation in Italy. Through the national implementation of the directive, companies and in particular legal entities in the public and private sector in Italy will be required to establish a confidential and secure whistleblowing channel for internal and external users such as employees and business partners. Practical tips on implementation, internal investigation and follow-up will guide participants through the challenges of implementing an internal reporting system.




– Topic 1: EU and national laws


EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (Simone)
National transposition in Italy (Simone)
International comparison (Simone)


– Topic 2: Implementing a whistleblowing system


A plan for proper implementation of the whistleblowing system internally (Simone)
The tone at the top: the importance of internal communication for an improved ethical culture (Simone)
Obligations of the Internal Reporting Office and outsourcing (Simone)
Different reporting channels: advantages and disadvantages (Simone)
How to remain completely anonymous (Anna)


– Topic 3: Introduction of the Smart Integrity Platform


How Blockchain and AI can help improve transparency and efficiency (Anna)
Whisper for voice report processing based on anonymous AI (Anna)
Risk assessment, mitigation and follow-up measures (Anna)
Data protection and security (Anna)
Collaboration with external parties (Anna)



Simone Piccoli

Simone Piccoli - Partner SAPG Legal

Simone specialises in commercial, banking and insurance law, as well as new technologies. He advises small and medium-sized enterprises, large industrial groups, holding companies, multinationals, and Italian and foreign financial institutions. He is based in Rome and is authorised to practice in Italy. He has developed extensive experience in both civil and arbitration, litigation. He is also an expert in the drafting of all typical and atypical contracts used in national and international commercial practice. The recent growth of the technology sector and regulatory developments in this area have prompted Simone to develop intensive legislative research and monitoring activities on these new developments. As such, he has a deep understanding of the complexity of new technological regulations as they relate to smart devices, social networks, e-commerce and business intelligence.

Anna Balzaretti

Anna Balzaretti - Legal Tech BD DISS-CO

With a strong track record in business development, Anna currently holds the position of Business Development Manager at DISS-CO, a leader in Legal Tech/GRC solutions based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Not only is she a fervent technology enthusiast, but she also brings with her valuable experience in the world of blockchain technology companies. Her main focus is to provide implementation services for signalling solutions to a wide range of clients.

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