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Data Protection Software

Data Protection with AI and Blockchain

Data Breach Reporting

Data Subject Requests

Risk and Privacy Impact Assessment with AI

Asset Management

Risk Management and GRC Cockpit

Advanced Incident and Task Management

Supplier Onboarding and Monitoring

News Monitoring

Policy Management

Deletion Protocol

AD & Office365 Integration

Immutability with Blockchain

No-code Customizing

Fast Implementation

Easy Collaboration Internally & Externally

High Security and Asymmetric Encryption


Multi-client view for external DPOs



Data Protection Software

Data Protection Software
Data Protection Software

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant data protection software

Enhaced efficiency with generative AI

Secure hosting in the EU on an ISO 27001 certified data center

ISO 27001 certified SaaS and Information Security Management System

Asymmetric encryption and blockchain-based security


The Collaboration Platform

Give your DPO, CISO and other relevant stakeholders the power to navigate through effectively comply with the legal requirements

Involve your consultants and lawyers with an extended authorization concept

Avoid sanctions after data protection software audits through full compliance with GDPR

Data Protection Software
Data Protection Software
Data Protection Software
Template mulitreporting channel whistleblowing software by DISS-CO

Keep Control and Stay Up To Date

Simplify the onboarding and monitoring of new software providers with automated workflows

Use the multilingual variant and AI translation to handle international data breach incidents and other requests

Share information anonymously within the DISS-CO community using our secure blockchain technology

Use AI to create risk assessments and privacy impact assessments faster

Keep track on relevant news über die Google BARD und News API

Dashboard View whistleblowing, dataprotection and complaintmanagement software by DISS-CO

Set up in minutes, Quick and Easy.

You do not need IT resources to implement our web-based software. Simply contact us, test it and get started.


About our Data Protection Software

What is the Smart Integrity Platform for?

The Smart Integrity Platform is a modular innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for compliance with different legal requirements and laws such as the GDPR, national Data Protection laws, EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Supply Chain Act. The platform ensures encrypted communication, high security standards and immutability with the Blockchain technology.

Can I customize the pages with the Corporate Identity Designs?

You can upload your logo, change the colours and the font as well as the intro text. In addition, you can also customise the questionnaire and the platform will translate the questions automatically. Risk management and automatic notifications can also be customised.

Is the platform GDPR compliant?

Yes, the Smart Integrity Platform is GDPR compliant. Deletion routines are provided for unused user accounts. The reports can be deleted by the responsible persons in accordance with national laws and under the principle of dual control. The deletion logs are created automatically and cannot be changed. The history logs are immutable and secured in the Blockchain.

What is blockchain technology used for?

Blockchain technology is used to create unmanipulable data chains. This means that no report-related information can be destroyed or manipulated. Within the blockchain, participating channel partners can share risk assessment information anonymously. For example, if forced labour has been identified in China, the community can anonymously share the risk and the actions taken, such as relocating the business.

How does AI help?

AI is used to enhance the efficiency of the modules and features, such as the automatic translation, transcription and risk assessment. Furthermore, generative AI is used to create a proper documentation in a short time which increases the efficiency of onboarding procedures and the risk assessment.