Special Solutions

Fraud Detection – Risk Assessment – Payment Data – Ad Fraud

Fraud Detection

Whether accounting data, merchandise management, customer or payment data. We bring together various data from different sources and analyze them in a target-oriented or preventive manner with more than 300 prefabricated and industry-specific scripts.

Whether for Risk Assessment, Red Flag Analysis, FCPA or Anti-Corruption and Bribery (ABC) Audits or investigation. Tell us what you have in mind and we will present the best solution for it.


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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a major challenge for companies operating internationally. Risk assessment should consider products, customers, countries and supply chains, among others. Risks are manifold and interact structure-related and cross-divisional. We provide independent advice on the implementation of your risk management system.

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Payment Data

Systematic analysis of payment transactions is used by various industries to verify gaps and reduce financial losses. Whether eBanking, ePayment or cryptocurrency. We analyze your payment data in a structured way and find the gaps.


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Ad Fraud

Affiliate marketing in the online marketing space is growing rapidly. This provides opportunities for fraudsters to grab large sums of money from businesses.
Completely eliminating all fraud risks is nearly impossible. However, with targeted analysis and measures, the risk can be reduced.

Averting fraud requires transparency and understanding of the heterogeneous data landscape, as well as more background information about affiliate partners.

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